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Certified Sustainably Grown

VeriFlora is a sustainability certification program for fresh cut flowers. The “VeriFlora Certified Sustainably Grown” label is your guarantee that flowers have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and meet the highest standards for freshness and quality.

VeriFlora certification is conducted by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a leader in independent third party certification and in standards development for the sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors.

The Relationship Between Sustainable and Organic Agriculture

While organic agriculture refers specifically to crop production practices that build soil fertility and control pests without the use of dangerous farm chemicals, sustainable agriculture is a broader concept encompassing farming practices that promote environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic viability.

VeriFlora bridges the gap between these two important areas of agricultural innovation. It recognizes organic as the top tier in crop production practices. At the same time, it certifies measurable aspects of environmental and social performance that extend well beyond organic.

From Seed to Store

To be certified under theVeriFlora program, farmers must comply with rigorous sustainability standards that address the following key issues:

Environmental Sustainability

  • Crop production practices
  • Ecosystem Protection
  • Resource Conservation
  • Emissions andWaste Reduction

Social & Economic Sustainability

  • Fair Labor Practices
  • Healthy Communities

Product Quality

  • Product Integrity
  • Product Purity

SCS’s inspectors are highly trained, with extensive industry experience and knowledge. These experts conduct farm audits to verify that agricultural, environmental and social practices meet VeriFlora’s tough sustainability standards. Once certified, products are meticulously tracked through the chain of custody from farm to store for quality control purposes.

In addition, SCS certifies floral shippers, wholesalers and distributors to ensure that certified flowers and potted plants are delivered to retail shelves and consumers in a manner that guarantees top quality and freshness.


The gift of Sustainability

Sustainability is about meeting our current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. By choosing VeriFlora Certified Sustainably Grown flowers and plants, you are helping to sustain:

  • People — by promoting a healthy, equitable workplace that supports farmers, workers, their families and the community.
  • Environment — by encouraging farming practices that build soil, conserve water and support healthy ecosystems.
  • Quality — by supporting handling practices from seed to store that allow you to enjoy flowers and plants that look beautiful and last longer.


Look for the Veriflora Label

Ask your favourite food chain store for Savoir Fleur Veriflora Certified fresh cut flower bouquets.