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Our bouquets and floral designs are available in all major food chains. Ask for quality guaranteed products by Savoir Fleur.

We buy our flowers fresh from some 80 farms in over 10 countries around the world. We use farms that offer a guarantee of quality with their products and practice a production that is both healthy for the environment and demonstrates responsibility for the people who work there.

Our bouquets are truly multi-cultural! They can contain wax stems from Australia, gerberas from Holland, sunflowers from Canada, roses from Ecuador, chrysanthemums from Columbia, liminium from Peru and greenery from the United States.

Bouquets of fresh flowers

We change our bouquets in stores every week. We make sure a new retail display is created that is fresh and beautiful.

A "ready to go" bouquet ... and give! This unique concept features fresh flowers packaged in their own watertight packaging. The packaging contains a pouch of treated water in waterproof paper.

No vase required.
Ideal for traveling.
A centerpiece designed to complement your décor in an instant.
Aquabouquets are easy to give as a gift.

Floral arrangements

Ask for Savoir Fleur centerpieces for your decoration needs.