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You treated yourself a beautiful bouquet!

Different varieties of flowers have different life spans but all flowers benefit from proper care and will stay beautiful longer if you follow these easy suggestions.

Things to do.

Cut half an inch or two centimeters from the bottom of the stems and remove all leaves that touch the water.
Did you know that leaves in water produce bacteria that can slow flowers’ drinking ability? Without water, flowers die in a few days.

Put your flowers in a clean vase with fresh room temperature water.
Did you know that a dirty vase will contaminate the water thus slowing water absorbtion by the flowers.

Add flower nutriment to the water.

Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and other sources of direct heat.
Did you know that cut flowers in water, like all vegetation, need a stable environment? Never put your flowers in a hot environment or where the temperature is likely to vary. Your flowers will last longer in areas where the air is fresh and cool.

Add water.
Flowers don't all drink at the same rate. Certain flowers such as lilies and tulips absorb a large quality of water in short space of time. Therefore the water level should be checked and if need, be adjusted every day.

Re-cut the flower stems.
Did you know that the tip of a flower stem gradually cauterises making water absorbtion impossible. Therefore, it is important to re-cut the stems every 3 days.