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Savoir Fleur has been supplying bouquets of fresh flowers to distributors in the food industry since 1987. The founders of the company created Savoir Fleur following an inspirational trip to Europe. Their dream was to make top quality fresh flowers available to the public through large grocery chains.

Since that time, cut flower sales in grocery stores have made great inroads. Today, all major grocery chains offer a wide variety of bouquets responding to the needs of an ever-changing client base. The flower industry has changed with consumer needs. And, as consumers continue to expect more, Savoir Fleur works hard to fulfill their needs.

We have many sources of supply from around the world. We buy our flowers fresh from some 80 farms in over 10 countries. Over the years, we have changed our buying practices to encourage farms that suscribe to Sustainable Agriculture.

We launched our "Green bouquet" collection. To find out more, click on our products or The Green bouquet.

We believe that the flower industry has still not attained its full potential. Our challenge in the years to come will be to encourage farms to produce strong, new varieties, educate consumers as to the choice and the care required for flowers and above all, make industry players aware of the importance of subscribing to principles that govern sustainable development.

We believe that the purchase of each bouquet of fresh flowers should be a unique experience for each client.