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Have you ever wanted to give flowers to someone, but worried that they didn't have a vase to put them in? Have you ever wondered whether the flowers you are giving are going to last?

Aquabouquets are the perfect solution!

Aquabouquets are beautiful, long-lasting flower arrangements that make giving and receiving flowers SIMPLE!

Aquabouquets have a unique packaging system.
After several years of research and trials, Aquabouquets have been developed with a unique built-in vase which contains pre-treated water, making the flowers last longer than traditional floral arrangements. There's also no need to take the flowers out or change the water- just find a place to enjoy them, away from sun light or heat sources, and discard when they've finished blooming.

Aquabouquets are European inspired floral arrangements.
Inspired from floral markets in France, Aquabouquets are designed with flowers from around the world: they can contain wax stems from Australia, gerberas from Holland, sunflowers from Canada, roses from Ecuador, chrysanthemums from Columbia, limonium from Peru and greenery from the United States. A truly multi-cultural arrangement!

Aquabouquets are so easy to give!
The practical built-in vase and elegant wrapping make them the perfect all-in-one gift. Their watertight packaging makes them safe for any surface and so convenient for giving in hospitals, retirement homes, or anytime flowers will brighten up someone's day!